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Welcome to Stoney Built for Life! I am very excited to share the journey of building our dream home with you as it happens. I want to help you take your ideas, dreams, and plans and turn them into realty (Pun intended!).  I will be sharing tips on building or buying a home, ways to save money and budget for your dreams, home decor/design ideas, and organization strategies as well.  I will also showcase some of my husband’s flips to add even more ideas into the mix. If you’re searching for help with a smaller scale project to remodel spaces in your current home – we’ve got that covered too! I have a passion for helping people (it’s one reason I became a dietitian) and I want to assist others in creating and achieving living the life of their dreams.

What makes this blog different than the general realty or home building blogs out there? I’ll be giving you insights into my personal life and home building journey. I plan to share hurdles we run into along the way or unexpected speed bumps that slowed down our progress so that you can expect the unexpected. I want to get to know you and your dreams through this process as well. This isn’t just a fancy business blog, it’s a down to earth, real world story of a family working towards their dream home and living their dream life.

Me (Nancy) and Stoney (the hubs)

About my Family:

We moved to the suburbs of Phoenix Arizona in 2013.  I’m a southern girl at heart though, born and raised in Arkansas. My husband, Stoney, runs his own general contracting and real estate business.  I work at a hospital as an outpatient dietitian and maintain our health insurance.   We have 2 wonderful daughters (bonus daughters for me).  We enjoy camping, long Sundays on the couch watching TV, and building our dreams together.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please take a look around and leave comments as desired. I look forward to getting to know you.



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