Triple 10 Decluttering Challenge

Remove 100 items from your home in 10 days!

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Your prize for completing the challenge is 100 fewer items cluttering your home and the knowledge of how to continue purging so you can finally free yourself of clutter. Once you’ve started this routine you can continue it for as long as you need to rid your home of all the excess.

Clutter is Overwhelming

You often don’t know where to start when trying to declutter your home. The Triple 10 Decluttering Challenge was designed to help you declutter your home with a simple and easy strategy. You will receive a daily email (10) for each day of the challenge (plus a prep email and a follow-up email). The email will include the category of the day and instructions. Also included will be tips for things to look for or questions to ask yourself when deciding what to purge. Make sure to Sign-up


Triple 10 Decluttering Challenge Guidelines

  • Spend 10 minutes a day decluttering
  • Find at least 10 items in each category to purge from your home
  • Repeat daily for 10 days

Who Should Join the Triple 10 Decluttering Challenge

Everyone who wants to get rid of the clutter once and for all! But may need a little encouragement and pacing to get it done. If you’re feeling at all overwhelmed by your clutter this can challenge is perfect for you! If you’re feeling unmotivated or unsure where to start; this challenge is perfect for you too! Feel like you’re a decluttering pro but some how still have clutter every where? This challenge can help you as well! Anyone and everyone who is ready to part with their clutter can sign up today and get started right away!



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