Mudrooms are all the rage! And why shouldn’t they be? We love adorable ways to organize and declutter our homes! Every dream home needs a mudroom.

ultimate guide to creating the perfect mudroom

Whether you have a large family or a small family, a large space for your mudroom or a small space this is the post for you! 

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First we will start with the essentials for your mudroom. Even with these essentials the possibilities are endless! You can arrange them in a multitude of ways. Next we will look at how to add a special, personal touch, then I’ll walk you through some special considerations, and finally you can choose the design best for your space.

5 essentials for any mudroom:


1) Hooks

Hooks are great for jackets, beach towels, backpacks, hats, purses, or diaper bags. They are versatile and simple to use for young kids. They can be arranged at multiple heights and offer a quick view of the items you need for the day.

You can purchase hooks on a bar, ready to hang.  Add some creative hooks like these wooden birds. You can also install your own hooks at your desired spacing with individual hooks. Consider these awesome design ideas below for even more creativity for your mudroom.

Antique for a unique charm:



Rustic option for the farmhouse:

Musical for the band nerds:

Personalized for everyone in the family:

With the hooks alone there are so many options!

2) Shoe Space

No matter how you design it, every mudroom needs a space for shoes! There are a lot of creative options such as shelving of different heights, cubbies, baskets, hooks, and drying mats. Pick the best option for you based off your family’s needs. You might even want more than one option!

These two double as a benches:

Some people prefer using baskets to hold shoes. Check out this DIY post from Shanty-2-Chic for this lovely mudroom option and notice the cute baskets!

3) Baskets

Baskets are perfect for smaller items such as keys and wallets. They can also be used for sport equipment, shoes, or library books that need returning. They come in many shapes and sizes to fit your family’s lifestyle. You might choose multiple sizes or keep them all the same for simplicity’s sake. Now matter what they’ll be used for baskets are a must have for your mudroom.







Check out this post on the anatomy of a great mudroom for tips and info on creating this adorable mudroom space:

4) Storage Space: Cabinets, Lockers, Open shelves

Some items can’t be hung up easily and will need alternative storage space.  Typically each person has multiple jackets/coats and those not used for daily wear can be hung in a cabinet.

We have a bag we take on long car trips that holds CDs, games, and coloring supplies for the kids that will sit in our future mudroom cabinet.

Larger sporting equipment likes baseball bats can fit here as well. You prefer open spaces and visible shelving? That can work in a mudroom too. Making it easy to find what you’re looking for as you usher the kids out the door.

Cabinets: Great for hiding items and for a nice clean look

Lockers: More functional for a family with kids

Open Shelving: Best for adults who won’t fight over their space!


5) A Seat

Enough room for 1 or a family of 6. Anyway you please, there must be a seat or a bench in your mudroom. You can use Plain wood or a custom cushion and throw pillows. This is a nice way to put personal flair in your mudroom. You can even use a stand alone chair if your mudroom will be in your entry way.

This entry way is adorable! All the essentials are present and the bench doubles as extra storage.

This bench comes in several designs/colors and could be added next to a single locker like above or placed between two lockers if you have the space

Built in seating: Probably the most popular type of seating for a mudroom


Once you’ve determined your needs for the essential items. Next it’s time to consider what personal touches you might add.

Here are 6 mudroom design and decor ideas to help you create your perfect mudroom:


1) Personalize it!

Get some chalkboard paint. Add painted letters. Decorate with photographs. Or try something else to have a cute and creative way to determine each family member spot. It really makes a mudroom feel homey.

Chalk board Lockers:

Wooden Initials:

Full name option:

2) Try a theme

Are you thinking farmhouse or modern? Minimalistic or decorative? How will the mudroom compliment the rest of your house? You want to make sure your overall design flows and is consistent.






Coastal and Beach:

3) Decorate

Add a cute sign or a family photo across the top. Consider placing Greenery nearby.  It’s a great idea to add a rug or mat so dirt doesn’t get tracked in as well. Mats can be cute and functional for mudroom needs.


Mats: Functional option for rainy or snowy areas

Pillows: Great for a decorative flare and to pull in a theme

4) Counter Space

Have a space to place items that just need to be dropped for the moment. Maybe you’re carrying groceries in and you’re about to drop something or you’ve got a stack of books from the library that need to be dispersed to the kids. A functional place to set items and then organize can be just the thing to complete the perfect mudroom.

5) Mirrors

We all appreciate having one last look before we head out the door. Mirrors can also help make spaces appear bigger. You could add floor length or just head height mirrors to your mudroom.  You could add several for a decorative flare of just keep it minimalistic and clean.

6) Focal Wall

Having the wall of the mudroom as a design feature can give it an added flare and help separate the mudroom from joint spaces. Ship-lap, chevron, bright paint, or other fun designs can be used on the walls.

Decluttering is the first step to an organized home. If you’re feeling a little stuck on decluttering you can signup for the Triple 10 declutter Challenge. To learn more check out the info here. If you’re ready to get started sign-up below!

Special Notes for Dog Lovers:

Do you need a place to wash the mud off of Fido? Place for their kennel? Food and water bowls, toys, and leashes need a spot too. Dog owners should keep these in mind when designing their mudroom.

What type of space are you working with?

1) Long Wall Mudroom

Any long hallway in your home could work for this. Especially one that has the kids’ rooms off of it. Most people prefer it to be right inside the door. But you can definitely get creative. This is probably the most common type of mudroom.

2) Corner Space Mudroom

Have a spare corner that’s just empty space? Why not make it functional with a mini mudroom?  Check out these great ideas.

3) Garage Mudroom

Don’t even bring the “mud” into the house. Leave it in the garage where it belongs! These simple garage additions could be the perfect solution if your house is short on space inside. Check out this post for more ideas on garage mudrooms.

4) Mini Mudroom

Mudroom don’t have to be huge to be functional. A single seat and a couple hooks can do the trick!

5) Foyer Mudroom

No place to add built ins? A cute foyer can double as a “mudroom” with a few simple touches such as a basket for shoes that you can slide under a bench. Add a table for your wallet and keys and you’re all set

Source: Dixie Delights Online

Consider these for new builds where you can plan the mudroom from the beginning or if you have a large space to work with:

1) Opposing walls in an extra wide hallway

This can work wonders coming in from a garage. You can double your storage space or make one side a “drop zone” for sorting mail, stashing coupons, and organizing your life. You can never have too much storage in the mudroom.

2) An Actual Mud Room

Having a door to separate the junk and grime from the rest of the home can help you feel calm and clean. It’s a great way to leave work, school, and the outside world behind you when you get home at the end of the day so you can relax and focus on your family.

3) Combined Mudroom and Drop Zone

Drop zones are nearly as useful, if not more somin their own way as a mudroom. Why not combine the two for a 100% functional and organized space.

4) Large Family Mudroom

Would you like each of your 6 kids plus you and your spouse to have your own space in the mudroom? You can make that happen.

5) Small Family Mudroom

If your needs are smaller there are mudroom options for you as well. This space would work great for 1, 2, or 3 people!

6) L Shaped

I find this mudroom design very clever. It’s a great use of awkward spaces and allows for all the essentials with more storage.

7) Combined Laundry and Mudroom

Having your mudroom and laundry room all in one can be optimal for organization. Many times the laundry is close to the garage and can make a perfect detour to drop items to keep contained from the rest of the house. This can double the size of your laundry room and really give you space to work.


Still need some more ideas for your mudroom?

Check out this post from Mom of 6 or this one from the Turquoise Home. Need organization ideas? Check out these posts: Find a place for every item part 1, find a place for every item part 2, organizing holiday decor. Ready to declutter your home but don’t know how to begin? Click here for a 10 day decluttering challenge.

Prefer to just purchase a kit for your mudroom?

Check out these options from Amazon (I swear they have everything!). Listed in price ranges below:




Less than $100

More of a Do-It-Yourself type?

 This post from Farm Fresh Vintage Finds is a great one for a large mudroom pictured below:

Here’s an additional list of 55 more mudroom ideas!

Obviously a mudroom is a must have for any dream home. Check out this list of other “Must Haves” so you can design the ultimate dream home. If you’re working on organizing your existing home check out How to Organize Your Home: A Place for Every Item Part 1, Part 2, and Holiday Decor Edition.

Can you think of anything else that’s essential for a mudroom? What about other design or decor ideas? Drop them in the comments below.

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